Tips to avoid empty pages and white spaces in SSRS reports...

Sometimes we find that there are white spaces or empty pages in the SSRS report viewer output or the PDF output. In this post I am going to mention the tips we can use to avoid those.
  • Set the ConsumeContainerWhitespace property of the report to True.
  • Set the body content to fit enough for the Report Page Width. Consider the margins too. Body width + Left and Right margins needs to be less than the report page width. Otherwise there will be blank spaces while exporting to PDF.
  • Remove unwanted space between the tables or charts in the report.
  • Check the page breaks, and disable those if there are no data by checking the Count of the data set.
  • Set the page breaks if you are setting the visibility of a particular section by using a parameter, by applying the same condition for the Disable property.
If those things were done properly, there will not be any unwanted white spaces or empty pages in the report.

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