Unspecified Error in Microsoft Access Data Engine...

While trying to access Excel 2007 file using SSIS Excel Source component, I got an error in the Microsoft Access Data Engine as Unspecified Error. I was using SQL Server Business Development Studio 2008. I got this error trying to get the Sheets in the excel file after creating the connection.

I tried to find the reason and the solution for this issue and able to find a helpful blog.

According to that post the this is related to the driver issue. After following that post I was able to fix is by re-installing the driver in the below link.

After the installation completes, the issue will be fixed. If you already opened the Business Development Studio project, just close it and re-open it. 


  1. Thanks for the post and for making us aware about the errors which lead to create problems. Occurring of Microsoft Access Data Engine as Unspecified Error create issues. This post really going to help in sorting these problems.
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