Passing Variable value from Parent package to a Child Package in SSIS 2012

If we are executing a package from another package, we may want to pass variable values from the parent package to the child package. In SSIS 2008, we get done this using the Parent Variable in the Package Configurations. But in SSIS 2012 the approach is different.

To achieve this we have to use the Package Parameters in the child package.
In this post I am using the Pkg_Main as the parent package and the Pkg_Sub as the child package. I want to pass the ParamValue_Parent  variable value in the Pkg_Main package to the Pkg_Sub package.

For that I used the below steps

Go to the Pkg_Sub package (child package) and create the ParamValue_Sub package parameter as shown in the below image.

Then create the ParamValue_Parent variable in the Pkg_Main package and set the value accordingly.

Then add the Execute Package Task to the Pkg_Main package Control Flow and select the Pkg_Sub package to execute.

To pass the ParamValue_Parent  variable value in the Pkg_Main package to the ParamValue_Sub parameter in the Pkg_Sub package, go to the Parameter bindings in the Execute Task Editor window and click on Add. Then select the Child package parameter as ParamValue_Sub and the Binding parameter or variable as the User::ParamValue_Parent as shown in the below figure.

Click on Ok and that is it. After that when you execute the Pkg_Main package, the value available for the ParamValue_Parent will be passed to the ParamValue_Sub parameter in Pkg_Sub package.

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