Executing multiple SSIS Packages in parallel using SSIS Job in SQL 2012...

To automate data loading process, we have to schedule ETLs. To execute multiple Packages in parallel we can follow below options.

  • Create a master package and execute other packages according to the required sequence using Execute Package Task.
  • Create jobs to execute packages and start those using another job.

In the first option, I had an issue related committing the transactions while trying to execute packages in parallel. Due to that I used the second option to execute packages in parallel.

The steps followed are

Create Job for each Package.

Add another job and start each of those created jobs using it as shown in the below image.


It will start all those three jobs in parallel. Since we created those three jobs to execute packages, those packages will execute in parallel.


  1. Hi,

    I configured in the same way, but after this I have to go next step.(but without completion of SSIS pakages it is going to next step), could you please let me know how to wait until the completion of packages and after completion we have to go to next step

  2. Hi,

    Actually for this, the best and easy way is to create a master package which executes the relevant packages sequentially. You can use Precedence Constraint option to set the conditions.


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