SSAS Cube is not shown in Excel and other client applications...

We faced a situation that the deployed and processed SSAS cube is not shown in Excel and other client applications, but it can be browsed through SQL Server Management Studio.
Actually the reason was somehow the Cube Visible property is set to False. Cube will be visible for Excel and other client applications only if this property is set to True.
But if the cube has large volume of data, it will take more time to deploy and process the cube after changing the visible property. Therefore it will not be practical and will waste time and resources.

Therefore in such scenario we can use XMLA Query to alter the cube visibility property value.
We can easily get the XMLA Query by right clicking the cube and selecting Script Cube as, then ALTER To as shown in the below image.

Then in the query window go the end of the Dimension section and you can see that the Visible property is set to false as shown in the below figure.

Change it to true and run the query. Then browse through the Excel or any other application uses to browse the cube and you will be able to browse it.

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