Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An error occurred during local report processing...

I modified an existing report by deleting some dataset  fields and adding new ones. Then in the report I removed the deleted fields from each reference and added the required new ones. But when I tried to preview the report, I got the report processing error as
The Hidden expression for the grouping "Group1"  refers to the field "Field1". Report item expressions can only refer to the fields within the current data scope or, if inside an aggregate, the specified dataset scope...

I checked the report and already the reference for Filed1 is deleted from all the locations. But finally I was able find the reason. Error was in the Static Hidden Groups.
In some of the those hidden static groups, Field1 is used. To view those groups, select the Tablix and click on the Down arrow in the bottom right hand corner as shown in the below figure and select Advanced Mode.

Then you will those Static groups as in the above image. In that check the relevant static groups for the group mentioned in the error message. You will be able to find that the Field1 is still used in that group. Remove or change Field1 from that and try to preview the report. If no other static groups use any of the deleted fields, you will be able to view the report successfully.

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