Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some KPI Values and Indicators are not shown in a PerformancePoint Scorecard...

While creating some scorecards for BI application, I faced a strange problem. That is, in that scorecard values and the indicators are not shown for some KPIs and others are ok.
The approach I used to create the scorecard is to Import SQL Server Analysis KPIs and after that add some KPIs from PerformancePoint. But the values and the indicators for the KPIs which are created by the PerformancePoint were not shown as shown in the below figure. PPSKPI is the KPI created in PerformancePoint.

I checked the procedure to create that scorecard and KPIs, and found it is ok. Finally I was able to find the reason for that issue. It is a very simple reason.
The reason is that the column names of those two KPI types are different.

For the KPIs which were imported from Analysis Services, those column names are Value and Goal and Status. KPIs which were created from PerformancePoint, those column names are Actual and Target.
When those column names were changed to Value and Goal and Status, the problem was solved...

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