Friday, April 30, 2010

#Error in SQL Server Report...

When we run a SQL Server report, it gives an #Error for text field which computes the summation.
In that report we get the values from an SQL Server Analysis Service Cube and get the summation of those values considering the group.
In the Data warehouse we used the data type for the taken field as money.

Finally I was able to find the reason for the error occurs during the summation.
In the cube, we assign the value 0 for the field if it is null. Problem arises due to it.
When we change that to 0.00 instead of 0, it works.
I don't know any exact reason why it happens like that. It may be due to some problems while converting to the data type it may convert it to different data type like int and it gives errors while summation.
Anyway I think this will help you as well...

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