Unable to connect to server in PerformancePoint Server 2007

While I am trying to connect to the server in PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, I got a message saying "Unable to connect to server".
There may be two resons.
* The first reason is the services required to run the PerformancePoint server are stopped in the
Internet Information Services (IIS) Manger Application Pools.
Therefore to fix that issue, first go to the IIS Manger and select Application Pools.
Then the services run in the Application Pools will be shown and you will see the services
related to PerformancePoint server (PPSMonitoringCentral, PPSMonitoringPreview,
PPSMonitoringWebService) are stopped.
Start those services by click on it and selecting Start in the Application Pool Tasks.

* The other reason is the SQL Server Service is not started.
To fix it open the Sql Server Configuation Manager and start the relevant Sql Server Service

After that you will be able to connect to the server...

Expression to add alternating row color for rows in a SQL Report

Go to the table row's BackgroundColor property
Then click on the down arrow and choose "Expression..."
Enter the below code in that expression value.

= IIf(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2 = 0, "LightBlue", "White")

It sets the alternating row values as LightBlue and White.

Dashboard was not deployed...

While am trying to preview a dashboard in PerformancePoint Server, it shows the detail that "Dashboard was not Deployed".
The reson for that issue is we don't have permissions to preview it.

To fix it follow below steps.

  • Go to IIS-->Local Host-->Sites
  • Click on PPS Monitoring
  • Right click on Preview and click Edit Permissions.
  • Then you will get the Preview Properties. Click on the Security tab and click on the Edit button.
  • Then add the current user by allowing Full Control.
  • After that that click Ok and you will be able to preview the dashboard...
That will fix the issue which I mentioned on top of the article.

Stop running SSIS Script Task after some time...

There is a SSIS Script Task which use to run another program. But due to the errors in the other program, some times script task is in the ...