Problem with Publishing PerformancePoint Dashboard to SharePoint site

If you get and error message in SharePoint site after publishing PerformancePoint Dashboard to SharePoint site that might occur due to the problems with configuring PerformancePoint monitoring server.
When you configuring the PerformancePoint monitoring server, you should provide the URL of the SharePoint site which you use to display the PerformancePoint Dashboards. Then the configuration process will modify the web.config file of the relevant SharePoint Site

Problems occur while creating new Web Application in MOSS 2007

  • When you try to create a new application using SharePoint Central Administration, sometimes "Reset Internet Information Services" may be disabled. It might be due to the "Windows SharePoint Services Administration" service is not started. After starting that service the mentioned service should be enabled.
  • Also after insalling and configuring MOSS 2007, when you try to create a new web application using SharePoint Central Administration by clicking OK button in the new web application page nothing will happen. To overcome that issue, you have to add the SharePoint Central Administration site to the Local Intranet using the Internet Explorer.

Adding Horizontal Gauges for SQL Server 2008 Reports

  • First add a matrix to the report
  • Then delete the row group and add rows as required
  • After that open the column group property box and add the below expression to the "Group On" under general tab

  • Then add the values to the data row cells
  • After that add a list to the design
  • For the List get the Row Groups property window and add the below expression

  • Then change the "Nothing" in the column group properties to the Name of the Row group of the List
  • Then drag the matrix inside to the List
  • That's all. You will get the 3 Gauges for each row.

Automating Excel Report Refresh...

The requirement is to refresh an Excel file in the SQL Report Server by running the Macro in the Excel file. In this post, I'll summa...